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19 August 1984
london, United Kingdom
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University of Kent - Canterbury England - Kent UK (2002 - 2005)
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aaron johnson, alias, angel, being human, ben barnes, billie piper, buffy the vampire slayer, criminal minds, david boreanaz, david tennant, doctor who, edward cullen, eliza dushku, himym, holly madison, icon challenges, icons, jason dohring, katy perry, kick-ass, kristen bell, logan echolls, lost girl, movies, once upon a time, robert pattinson, rose/ten, sarah michelle gellar, sark, south park, supernatural, the big bang theory, the vampire diaries, top chef, true blood, twilight, veronica mars

its not easy loving me
lulu. lulubell. kinky pinky. lulubean. tinks. lou.
29. Blonde at heart. Lives in London with flatmate. Career driven and money hungry. Single and looking for Mr Rich Right. Obsessed with various fandoms, the most dominant obsession being Buffy the vampire slayer. Makes graphics and icons in every spare moment (which there aren't a lot of at the moment). Runs many many many graphic challenge communities. Fierce and loyal friend. English and proud. Brits are sexy. Overly obsessed with Rob Pattinson, Ben Barnes, Aaron Johnson and Logan Echolls... all want Lulu for their own.

What others say...

paigegail My bitch. #1 bitch in fact. My lj life support. Crazy ass mofo with 14 comms. Crazy ass Brit (with the cutest accent btw). Employed. Makes fun of me for being blonde, when she is *actually* blonde. Love her to death. Every morning round 2 am, Paige needs her Lulu fix. Love you bitch!

madelineanne Lulu is brilliant at making icons and really funny, but she tends to run around without her knickers because she "lost" them (or so she says). And she taught me the difference between shaggin, sex and fucking and that's knowledge I will cherish for the rest of my life.

likegunfire Lulu is cool and british and really cute and stuff like that but she is sooooooooo nice to everyone and then you have the other weird kinky side that no one knows except that's not true cause everyone knows about it.

And finally a poem about me written by likegunfire

lulu is magnificent at everything she does
she works hard like a bee going BUZZZ
she makes fantastic icons all the time
and she's so pretty that it should be a crime!
She's very nice and likes to be kinky
maybe some people call her tinky?
she likes to bake stuff
and maybe likes the sex to be rough
but she's always caring and nice
and reminds me of rice
because rice is always so pleasant

You can find my icons over at mykindofcrack and my beauty blog Lip Gloss Voodoo here.

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